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Mystery Reader: Monster Trouble

Are you mystery reader this week in your child’s school?  In our blog column “Mystery Reader Picks” we would like to offer you book suggestions for your school visit.  Our librarians recommend favorite read aloud choices for kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Check back every other week for a new title and stop by or give us a call for many more selections.    

Mystery Reader Picks:

Monster TroubleMonster Trouble!       

by Lane Fredrickson ; pictures by Michael Robertson

K - 3rd Grade 

Monsters have infested Winifred Schnitzel’s bedroom. They don’t scare her, but they make it hard for her to get any sleep. How will Winifred get these pesky monsters to leave her alone? Luckily, she has a book of monster traps--and a secret weapon! Though Fredrickson’s text appears clunky at first, the rhythm and meter flow beautifully, and the rhyming makes the book perfect for reading aloud to young children without adding a Mother Goose element older children might find off-putting. The delightful traps in Winifred’s Monsters Beware book recall Dr. Seuss and Rube Goldberg, and listeners will love how Winifred eventually solves her monster problem. It’s Robertson’s charming digital illustrations, however, that set Monster Trouble! apart. His artwork mimics a cut-paper collage, allowing for texture and depth, and his style seems to reference Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. The vivid colors counteract the sleepy subject matter and complement Winifred’s bold personality; the images showcase her bravery and ingenuity. He renders the monsters with care, making their monstrous nature obvious yet simultaneously not too scary for the youngest of readers. Perfect for fans of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. movies and Foster’s, Monster Trouble! is an endearing read-aloud story that will entertain adults and youngsters alike.


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Are You Ready For The Summer ? The Camp Edition for Ages Pre-K - Junior High



Froggy Goes to Camp  by Jonathan London and Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz 

Pre-K - 1st Grade

Froggy is on a new adventure.  He goes off to camp where he learns new skills, makes friends and of course misplaces his swimming trunks.  Uh! Oh!  



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5 Books to Celebrate Women's History Month


viva frida

Viva Frida  by Yuyi Morales

PreK - 2nd Grade

Through unique combinations of mixed-media this award winning picture book celebrates the life and artistic talents of famous painter Frida Kahlo.  Poetic text and vibrant colors will speak to children and adults alike.



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