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Fredrik Backman's Britt-Marie Was Here

Backman BMWHHappily, here is the newest book (published May 3, 2016) from Fredrik Backman, author of <i>A Man Called Ove</i>.

The main character, Britt-Marie, was a minor character in Backman’s previous book <i>My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry</i>, and you don’t need to read them in any order. As the book opens, Britt-Marie finds herself at an unexpected turning point in her otherwise orderly and clean life.

When her husband Kent has a heart attack in his young mistress’s bed, Britt-Marie decides it’s time to move on.

She turns to the Swedish social services agency that helps people find work, and secures a temporary job at the community center in the tiny town of Borg. What exactly she is supposed to be doing there is unclear, so, when in doubt, Britt-Marie brings order by cleaning.

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