The Wolves of Andover

Kathleen Kent has written a new book that is the prequel to her novel The Heretic's Daughter. The Wolves of Andover takes place in the American colonies just after the British Civil war - around the mid 1600's. The wolves referred to in the title are not just of the animal variety.
Martha Allen, a strong willed woman bordering on spinsterhood is sent to live with her cousin, Patience, working as her housekeeper. While at Daniel's and Patience's farm Martha falls in love with one of their workmen a man named Thomas Carrier.
Rumor has it that Thomas Carrier is really Thomas Morgan - the man who murdered Charles I at the urging of Cromwell. Carrier is the largest man Martha has ever seen. He works with a quiet solidarity that has her intrigued. When he rescues her from a wolf attack and then kills the wolves, she is well and truly smitten.
The villagers are whispering about bounty hunters coming from England to catch the last of the regicide outlaws. But is Thomas really a murderer and an outlaw? Is Daniel protecting him or will he throw Thomas to the other wolves - the bounty hunters?
Well written, the book is more than just historical fiction. It is part love story and part suspense novel as well. The story moves along at a good pace and ends with Martha's note to her daughter Sarah, the title character in the Heretic's Daughter. Old world corruption meets new world ideals in this novel. Readers should realize that you do not have to read the books in chronological order, both stories stand alone just fine.
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