Warning: Do Not Open This Book!

written by Adam Lehrhaupt
illustrated by Matthew Forsythe

Ages: 0-8 years
(approximately grades preschool - 1)

With the very binding of the book containing warning signs
and traffic cones, the narrator has to wonder why on earth you would open this
book when it explicitly says not to. Seriously, opening this book and turning
the pages will only lead to bad things in the form of monkeys and toucans and
alligators. But it figures, you just kept on reading and making things worse
and worse until, finally, you and the narrator set a trap, reign in the chaos,
and put everything back to the way it was. Now, isn’t that better? Oh, please,
whatever you do, do NOT read it again! And again! And again!
This is a simple yet hilarious, interactive story that is a
great read-aloud for one-on-one sessions or to a group, best for ages 0-8 years
(preschool through first grade). The winning aspect of this book is exactly
what makes it so fun and engaging: readers are kept guessing at every turn of
the page and literacy skills are built as readers decide what exactly might
happen when you go against the narrator’s urges to just not turn the page
anymore. With surprises around every corner and a clever triumph in the end,
it’s no wonder you will want to read it again, and again, and again!
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