The Prophet

Football. Small town Ohio. Two brothers, Adam and Kent Austin. Adam
is a bail bondsman, having been on the wrong side of the law himself. Kent is the beloved town football coach with a team on its way to an
undefeated season and a state championship. Kent is always in control and Adam, not so  much. Both are still mourning the death of their sister
Marie. She was abducted and murdered when they were teenagers. They
have been estranged ever since her death.

A teenage girl, calling herself April, walks into Adam's office. She is looking
for her father who supposedly has been released from prison. She has
letters from him indicating that at long last he wants some contact with
her and that he will soon be released from prison. The letters give
April just enough details that Adam can find an address. Against his
better judgement, Adam gives April the information. She is found
murdered a short time later at the address Adam had sent her to. April is not her real name, her father is still in prison, and she is the girlfriend of the star football player.

story races forward from here. The way the brothers have dealt with
their sister's death has a direct bearing on how they deal with April's
death. Adam determined to not let a murderer walk free; Kent with
prayer and forgiveness, until his family becomes involved.

Tense and faced paced, with some surprising twists, Michael Koryta has written another excellent thriller.

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