The Last Policeman: A novel

"The end of the world changes everything from a law-enforcement perspective."

Earth is about to be destroyed.  All over the world people are killing themselves, have stopped doing their jobs or are just going berserk, but Hank Palace, a homicide detective in New Hampshire, is trying to keep up with his investigations and the suicide of Peter Zell just doesn't add up.
 There are 2 stories in this book. One story line runs through Hank's life trying to just do his job while society is slowly falling apart around him.  In the background is a parallel story of the asteroid heading straight for earth.  This impending calamity is effecting people's lives - bucket lists, drugs and sex binges, religious awakenings and some people who just want to continue on with their lives.  The two lines intersect with a resounding crack when Hank realizes that everyone is not going to believe what ever  it is that is going to happen.
His sister, her husband, fellow detectives, suspects in other cases all are involved in the death of Peter Zell.  The federal police, newly created to help contain lawlessness that increases the closer the impact day comes, are deliberately not helping him.  The story line has enough twists to keep it interesting.

I am careful about what I read when it comes to apocalyptic themed books, and usually don't read them.  But I liked Winters' Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, so I broke my rule.  This is a well written murder mystery with some psychological aspects and a smattering of morality issues woven into it.

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