The Fallen Angel

If, like me, you have never read a Daniel Silva novel before, reading The Fallen Angel, his latest, might make you a fan of not only the author, but also of his signature literary creation, Gabriel Allon. Allon is a busy guy.  He is an Israeli intelligence officer, an assassin, and a master art restorer. If that’s not enough to make his resume stand out, he’s also on a first-name basis with the Pope.

In this fast-paced novel, Allon is employed to restore a Caravaggio painting when a curator in the Vatican's antiquities division, Dr. Claudia Andreatti, is found dead on the floor in St. Peter’s Basilica. Did she jump to her death, or was she pushed over the balcony? The Pope’s private secretary, Monsignor Luigi Donati, asks Allon to investigate. Allon reluctantly accepts the invitation, and soon he and his beautiful wife Chiara are not just investigating Andreatti’s death, but are also immersed in the deadly worlds of art theft, the Mob, and global terrorism. Along the way, the pair meet up with a variety of indelible characters, some of whom are dangerous men and others women—such as Monsignor Donati’s "special friend"—who are almost as beautiful as Chiara.

With great dialogue and vivid characters, The Fallen Angel is a pulse-pounding thriller that takes readers deep inside the antiquities market, the Vatican, and ubiquitous Middle East tensions.

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