The English Girl by Daniel Silva

Madeline Hart is a rising young star in British politics. Born into an impoverished family she has made a spectacular rise. Everyone loves her. While on vacation in Corsica she vanishes. It takes her traveling companions a day to realize she's missing. They report it to the police. But one of them has a picture of Madeline with a mystery man and they know she has been keeping secrets. Shortly after she goes missing, a ransom letter appears at 10 Downing Street. The prime minister is very concerned.

Wanting to have the disappearance investigated "quietly" and the ramsom demands complied with, the prime minister decides to get some help finding Madeline. He calls in the director of the British Security Service, also known as MI5, who  in turn enlists Gabriel Allon, the master Israeli spy.

Silva's book follows true to form - fast paced with a comfortable, well known character in Allon. But the book is full of twists and turns before a suprising ending. This is the latest in the series starring Allon, and while they don't necessarily need to be read in order, I would read The Kill Artist first just to get some background.  But after that, read them all!

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