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The Book of Strange New Things By Michel Faber

The Book of Strange New ThingsThe book’s main character Peter is a minister, and he and his wife Bea are preparing for him to go on a mission to bring the word of God to a new population. (Early on, the book echoes Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible.)

Peter has been selected for the mission by a major corporation after an extensive interview, and as much as he wants to bring her, he is not allowed to have Bea accompany him. It's a good thing, however, as they soon realize that she is pregnant, and the place that he is sent to is much different than either of them could imagine. A lot of topics are covered in this book, including fidelity, marriage, separation, identity, communication, the role of missionaries, future world, politics, plus -oh yeah- the three things I was taught not to discuss in public: sex, politics, and religion.

Beautifully packaged to look like a holy book, The Book of Strange New Things is making big waves with readers and reviewers alike. I am so glad I did not read advance reviews of this book - I might not have picked it up! The novel has a science fiction element to it, and I have always contended that I don't like that genre. But I loved this book. I was so far into it that when the unusual elements were introduced, they all made sense. I highly recommend it.

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