Taft 2012

Historical fiction? Political fiction? Time travel? However you categorize this short book about the return of William Howard Taft to politics, it is timely.

Former, and perhaps future, President William Howard Taft emerges from beneath the White House lawn in the fall of 2011, nearly 100 years after he has disappeared following the end of his term as president and the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson. "You've been missing and presumed dead - one of America's great mysteries - for a very long time," the current president tells him.

Taft has a great deal to catch up on. "'What manner of witch is this Hostess?' he mumbled, putting down the plastic wrapper and peering at the creamy end of one of the half-eaten pastries." Taft has not lost his appetite for food. Neither has he lost his desire to serve the country he loves. He was "so honest a politician, he ended up infuriating every single interest group that had ever supported him." according to his biographer and one of his greatest fans, Susan Weschler.

After a brief re-orientation to the country he left 100 years ago, including a short road trip, Taft is drafted to run for president in 2012 by a new political movement, the Taft Party. His great- granddaughter Congresswoman Rachel Taft is to be on the ticket as vice president.

The reader meets such interesting characters as talk show hostess of Raw Talk, Pauline Craig, secret service agent and loyal friend to Taft, Ira Kowalczyk, and Irene O'Malley Kaye, 105 years old, the only person alive from Taft's lifetime, a fan who, at the age of 6, wrote Taft a letter which he treasured. The reader also meets Augustus Fulsom, the very rich owner of Fulsom Foods. As Taft's great-great- granddaughter Abby explains about the Fulsom TurkEase that makes the entire family sick at Thanksgiving, "They showed us a video in school.They make this stuff with smushed turkey. The bones and everything.. They make pink toothpaste out of turkey and then color it with turkey color." Congresswoman Rachel Taft is a leading advocate in Congress for laws to safeguard and protect the food supply of the American people, a cause William Howard Taft had supported along with his former mentor, President Theodore Roosevelt, with the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act.

Will William Howard Taft be president again? Will he ever be Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, serving the country in the way he would most prefer and for which he feels most qualified. Read Taft 2012 by Jason Heller to find out. You can also follow his presidential campaign on Facebook, if you wish: https://www.facebook.com/Taft2012

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