Second Messiah

Out in the desert near Jerusalem archaeologists are digging for scrolls. Not just any scrolls but ones that are related to the Dead Sea scrolls. They have been digging in the area for more than 20 years. The scrolls they are specifically looking for refer to Jesus Christ.

Jack Crane is an archaeologist like his parents were, and like his parents he is searching for scrolls in the desert outside of Jerusalem. 20 years ago Jack's parents and some of their diggers were killed in a car accident after finding a scroll that would undermine the teachings of the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church and the Jewish faith.

Jack finds a similar scroll and he informs his mentor, Dr. Green. Green believes that this new scroll indicates that there might have been more than one person claiming to be Jesus Christ. Before any further research on the scroll can occur, Dr. Green is murdered with Jack's knife. Now the action really begins.

A newly elected Pope wants to tell the world about the scrolls and their contents. The Mossad and other priests want just as much to keep the information a secret. Hassan Malik, the son of one of the dead diggers and now a rich Bedu, has every intention of keeping the scroll for himself, extracting revenge on Jack and the church and then selling the scroll to the highest bidder.

The story abounds with good guys, bad guys, double crosses and murderous priests with their own agendas. The book feels a little like the Di Vinci Code - most notably in it's treatment of Vatican priests and the Church's habit of keeping somethings secret. The story is straight forward - Jack must try to save the scroll and his own life while people he loves are murdered all around him.

No surprises just an entertaining thriller with some religious overtones.

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