New Joyce Carol Oates is Among Her Best

I do agree with those who are a bit hesitant to read a Joyce Carol Oates novel. She is uneven and you never know if the one you've chosen is going to give you what you're looking for!

My Sister, My Love gave everything that it promised. The story is riveting and centers around the mysterious murder of JonBenet Ramsey. The narrator and source of most of the details of the murder is the little beauty queen's older brother. And what a revealing source of information he proves to be!

Oates has protected herself very carefully and cleverly from the possible libelous consequence of her novel . However, the thinly veiled details of the actual murder are right on the money and the intrigue remains real and riveting. The behind the scenes family life is perhaps the most absorbing part of the story.

It's not easy to find an exceptional story line AND fabulous writing so I recommend that you take this one home! The other recent Oates novel that I thought was brilliant is The Falls. The story, set in Niagara Falls, involves a young honeymoon couple and an unseemly murder! When Oates is good she's VERY good!

This story is psychological suspense at the author's best!  Find it in our catalog.

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