A Murderous Procession

Adelia Aguilar's life had finally settled down. Living a quiet life in the medieval English countryside she almost believed she and her young daughter could have a normal life.

But Henry II has a different idea. He "requests" Adelia accompany his daughter Joanna to Italy where she will marry. Henry offers to keep Adelia's daughter with his wife Queen Elanor until Adelia returns safely. The royal procession sets off.

Deaths start to occur. Procession participants are dying in strange ways. Already under suspicion because she is thought to be the interpreter for Mansur, who has been sent as a doctor, Adelia becomes the prime suspect. Events will show otherwise. Adelia is the target of Scruffy, a malevolent character from her past, who has resurfaced and is bent on revenge.

Franklin's story line and historical accuracy make for a interesting read. Medieval female pathologists - yes! Henry's diabolical personality - yes! Richard the Lionhearted - yes! This book is simply a great read. A note of caution, readers new to the series would be advised to start at the beginning with Mistress of the Art of Death as this book builds on the others.

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