Magazines and The Beach House, by Jane Green

It's Summer and the Reading is Easy....

Did you know that magazines, other than the most current issue, can be checked out for one week and renewed for one more week? Enjoy our large and varied collection of journals while sitting in your yard or on a blanket at the beach.

And, for a book on the lighter side, try Jane Green's, Beach House. Set on the beautiful island of Nantucket, it is about two couples and a lovely, aging matriarch, whose home, Windermere, is the beach house of the title. The story explores two marriages, one in which a partner is unfaithful, and the other in which the husband must come to terms with being gay.
Another relationship that is explored is that of Nan Powell, owner of the family house and matriarch of the family. The old house is the repository of many memories for Nan, including that of a husband who gambled away their fortune. Michael, their child, now an adult, was told his father died. His sense of loss manifests itself in chasing women, and showing very poor judgment in his pursuit of them.

Jane Green shows sensitivity in dealing with complex issues of sexual identity, loss, and betrayal, as well as the complex feelings that make up a marriage. She also deals with the special issues of children of divorce.

The Beach House is pure entertainment, and sorting through the complicated lives of the inhabitants of Windermere is a delightful escape.

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