The Innocent

Vanessa Michael Munroe, the information procurement specialist is back. This time Munroe is being asked to rescue a young girl who has been kidnapped and is being held by a cult. Her mother escaped, but the girl was taken.

While in north Africa, Michael receives a call from her friend Logan. Logan is himself an escapee from the cult holding the girl. It is his request that Michael find Hannah, the 13 year old daughter of Logan's friend Charity. Logan helped Charity along with her boyfriend and Hannah, escaped from a cult known as the "Chosen." Hannah was then taken by her mother's boyfriend back into the cult. Since that time Hannah has been moved around to different locations in several South American countries. This has been going on for 8 years. Logan has received information that Hannah is now being held in Argentina.

Logan asks Michael to help as a personal favor to him. But Michael is dealing with her own demons and Logan is bringing 3 other ex-cult members into the investigation. Logan decides to bring Miles Bradford in to keep an eye on Michael. The Chosen are a dangerous lot, charged with allegations of systemic child abuse.

The story line moves at a rapid pace. From New York to South America, Michael searches for the havens, the secret hiding places of the Chosen. Finally Michael discovers where Hannah is being held, but Logan's friends seems to be getting in the way. Filled with mounting tension the story rapidly comes to a conclusion. Michael's skills are deadly and when combined with the talents of Miles the two make a formidable pair.

I like these books for the action and the fact that the hero is a woman. A flawed woman to be sure, she is at her most basic a very effective assassin, but still it is a nice change from male action heroes. The first Vanessa Michael Munroe novel is The Informationist. The books do not have to read in order. Enjoy!

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