Gideon's Sword

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (of the Pendergast series fame) have created a new character called Gideon Crew. Gideon's Sword is the first book relating to this new character. Gideon Crew is the latest in a long line of loner heroes. As a child Gideon sees his father shot after surrendering during a hostage incident. This effects the rest of his life, of course. He stumbles from one career to another finally settling on a career as a burglar at which he is quite successful. Meaning he doesn't get caught. He promises his dying mother to ruin the man who set up his father.

Gideon is hired by the mysterious EES company to find and follow a Chinese national who is entering the US with some secret technology that will change the world. EES does contract jobs for the federal government, the CIA and the NSA. Whether this is a terrorist plot, a nuclear device or a revolution of some other sort Gideon is never told. Gideon takes on the job and the story is off. The plot line is filled with old standards - a prostitute with a heart of gold, a mysterious tech company, a hero with a convoluted past, a possible terrorist plot. But the story is more than just the old stand byes. It moves fast enough to keep you interested, there are not alot of twists but there are a few surprises.

While Preston and Child are really known for their Pendergast series, the reader should be aware that this book is nothing like them. This book takes awhile for the main story to start. First the incident during his childhood, then the ruination of the man who killed his father and finally the main story line. An easy read with a fast plot line Gideon's Sword might just be the perfect men's beach read.

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