Financial Programs to Help You and Your Heirs

We've got two upcoming financial programs that will offer invaluable tips on money management. The first program will address the question of whether you should convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA in 2010. A lot may be at stake in this issue: the decision can save you a great deal in taxes or cost you more tax than you would otherwise pay. Josh Markowitz of The Next Level Planning Group will discuss all the pros and cons, including some “outside of the box”strategies on both sides of the “To Convert or Not to Convert?” question.

The second program will present an overview of the basic components of an estate plan - wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills - and will show how they interact to achieve your goals during life and at death. Mary Cascino, a partner in Cascino & Associates, P.C. in Glencoe and senior counsel to Handler Thayer LLP in Chicago, will lead this program.

Dates and times for these programs:
Roth IRA Conversions:Golden Opportunity or Dangerous Tax Trap?
Thursday, September 30, 7:30 pm

Estate Planning for Everyone
Tuesday, October 5, 7:30 pm

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