Countdown City by Ben Winters

This sequel to The Last Policeman starts with only 77 days until the asteroid 2011GV1 hits earth allegedly to obliterate most of it. Henry Palace has been relieved of his duties as a police officer but he can't seem to let the job go. Henry has agreed to help Martha Milano, his old babysitter, find her missing husband Brett Cavatone. By all accounts Brett is a stand-up guy. He would never leave her just because the world is about to end. Martha believes he is off doing something noble. But plenty of people are just leaving to complete bucket lists or commit suicide, so Hank's promise to find Brett may be unfulfilled. And what defines a noble act has changed dramatically with the asteroid.

Henry starts with Martha's father and Brett's employer. Rocky has turned his bowling alley into a gun range, and privately help guns are now illegal. Henry ignores this crime because he is more interested in helping Martha. Henry seems to be the only person trying to keep some sense of normalcy. His sister Nico returns along with her conspiracy theorist friends to rescue Henry from a group of anti-immigrant activists who are connected to Brett.

When Henry finally solve this disappearance, he is left with more questions than answers. In a world headed towards chaos is Henry the only sane one? The storyline is interesting not just because of the mystery part but because the storyline shows humanity's response to an unimaginable reality. Complete with government conspiracies and human foibles these books are well worth reading.

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