Come see our new painting

Some of you will have noticed that the library has a new painting mounted on our North Wall, near the exit of the library. The work is entitled "Composers" and it was created by William Samuel Schwartz. The painting was given to the library in 1933 through the Federal Arts Project of the Works Progress Administration. It was cleaned, restored and framed by Madron LLC Gallery owner Ken Skolnik (a Glencoe resident) in the fall of 2007.

Mr. Schwartz was an opera singer and knew many musicians. The composers depicted in the painting are Victor Herbert (1859 - 1924), Reginald DeKoven (1850 - 1920), George Whitefield Chadwick (1854 - 1931) and Edward Alexander McDowell (1861 - 1908). Please take a look at the painting the next time you are in the library. The work can also be viewed on the library's Flickr page.

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