Calling Invisible Women

Clover Hobart wakes up one Thursday, walks her dog, takes a shower, looks in the mirror and finds that she is invisible.  As in nothing reflects in the mirror but her bathrobe.  She is upset to say the least.  Clover is married to Arthur, a pediatrician extraordinaire, who is very busy with his practice.  Her son Nick, is an unemployed college graduate who has moved back home.  Her daughter Evie is still in college, the epitome of a coed, beautiful, smart, a cheerleader in love with a handsome undergraduate.  Clover is in her mid fifties and she will readily admit that she has not been keeping track of herself for a few years. She realizes the invisibility is more than just a physical thing.  It has become a psychological state for her within her family. 

Clover decided that she must tell someone, so once she comes back into view she confides in her best friend Gilda.  Gilda has no comment at first.  She simply can't believe that Clover's family hasn't noticed Clover's clothing doesn't have a body in them but when she sees her son react as if Clover is physically visible in their kitchen she becomes a believer.  According to Clover she is "definite substance and no form."  She doesn't know how correct she is.
Clover finds a group of similarly invisible women.  They meet in a local hotel and since no one can see them if they don't have clothes on, they carry a piece of tissue so they know where they are.  This group is empowering for Clover.  She starts to realize that she is not a victim, even though the invisibility is caused by a combination of drugs that the manufacturer knows will have this effect.  She becomes more assertive with her life.  Getting her job back, thwarting a robbery, saving a woman from a beating.  In her invisibility she actually becomes more visible.
The book is a quick read that will appeal to most  women.   I loved this book! Short, snappy and wholly improbable, it made me feel good. I recommend this book!
And now for some trivia: Jeanne Ray is Ann Patchett's mother!

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