Buried Secrets

Taylor Armstrong, troubled and drug addicted and her best friend Alexa Marcus, the daughter of a billionaire hedge fund owner (Marshall Marcus) decide to go out for a night of drinking and fun. The fact that both girls were teenagers did not stop them. The night of partying ended up being a nightmare for Alexa.
After being approached by a good looking Hispanic man, Taylor decides to bow out leaving Alexa alone with the man. A short time later a drugged Alexa is removed from the bar by him. No one hears from her for several days. When she is heard from, she is seen on a camera in an enclosed space begging her father to help her. After being warned not to contact police, Marshall decides to contact his old friend, Nick Heller. Heller is a friend we all should have. An ex-special forces member Heller uncovers secrets for a living and he does it well. Marshall tells Heller he will give him anything to get his daughter back. What he doesn't tell Heller is everything he knows about his daughter's disappearance.
Heller discovers that Marshall's hedge fund is in trouble. It has been looted and Marcus has borrowed money from an unholy alliance of international bad guys to try and get the fund up and running again. Heller discovers this and more damaging info about Marcus and his wife with the help of an extraordinary array of contacts including a FBI special agent, an ex-Russian spy, thieves, computer experts and expert computer hackers, an administrative assistant any one would love to have and of course ex-special forces buddies.
The story moves quickly and there is some suspense as to just what exactly is going on with Alexa. Whether she will survive or pay for her father's folly is not decided until the end of the book, guaranteeing that you, the reader, will continue. Secrets are continuously revealed through the plot and they help to keep the story moving along. The only problem I have is with the friends Heller can call upon. It was a touch unbelievable but fun anyway. Despite that, the story has lots of action and is actually a good read. it's a great book for a lazy summer weekend.

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