An Unexpected Guest: A Novel

By Anne Korkeakivi

Clare, an American, is having a very busy day preparing for an important dinner party in her Paris home. Past, present, and possibly future links to terrorism keep interfering with her menu planning, appointments, and efforts to get the house in perfect order for a fabulous evening, the success of which will impact her husband’s career.

The wife of a high-ranking British diplomat, mannered Clare struggles with flashbacks of her secret affair 20 years ago with a young Irishman, now dead, who needed her help in funneling money to the IRA. She even thinks she sees him lurking about the city as she shops for flowers and groceries. She also believes that on her errands, she ran into a Turk who, news reports claim, committed a terrorist act at the very time she saw him. If this weren’t enough to bring down the evening, one of Clare’s two teenage sons has gone AWOL from his boarding school, with his own possible link to terrorism activity.

Like Claire's event-filled day, An Unexpected Guest packs in a lot. It is a politically-charged thriller, a family drama, and a story of lost love, all set against the backdrop of the City of Light.

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