All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release by Jean-Michel Guesdon

The first thought that might cross your mind when you see the new Beatles book All the Songs might be "I Want You", which will soon be followed by "She's So Heavy". The book is an enormous, Long, Long, Long nearly 700 page coffee table book that tells the story behind every single Beatles release, which is a problem if you are planning on taking the book Here, There and Everywhere. You won't need Help to get through this book though, since it's a quick, entertaining read. It may seem that It's All Too Much but the fact that the library owns this book will make it easier for you to commit a major part of your living room to it (and it won't cost you a bunch of Money either).

Authors Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon cover all the Beatles albums from Please Please Me to Let it Be, providing facts and trivia for each of the songs on the albums. Especially helpful is the way that they credit all the co-credited Lennon and McCartney songs to the one who actually wrote the song. The authors cover the equipment that the band used, from their initial guitar/bass/drums lineup to their more experimental sounds, and also provide the outside musicians (mostly uncredited) who participated. It even lists the number of takes that each song required, from 1 for Hey Jude to 117 for Sexy Sadie.

This book is perfect reading for any Beatles fan's Birthday (or any other Day in the Life), and while it won't start a Revolution, Beatles fans should be sure to not Let it Be.

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