The Age of Dreaming

The Age of Dreaming by Nina Revoyr, is told in a series of flasbacks that are set in the silent film era of Los Angeles. There is a murder mystery to solve and so the reader is taken back to that golden era to try to figure out exactly what happened.

The Japanese actor and "star" at the center of the mystery is such an interesting man that you find yourself immersed in his past and present life and of course the cultural differences that make this novel so riveting. He is now an aging and obscure man leading an unexciting and mundane life of retirement until a young writer asks to do a story of his past glory days.

Along with the story and the flashbacks come amazing incites into the Hollywood of the early 1900s. All is not as it seems and you are happily pulled into the facinating world surrounding the murder mystery.

History, romance and murder, this novel has it all! The author is an ingenious and talented writer who will leave you wanting more!

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