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RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, allows a person to subscribe to a webpage of interest, and to be updated whenever new content is added to that page.  Without RSS a person only knows if a website is updated by checking the page periodically or by subscribing to a periodic notification system such as e-mail.  RSS lets a person sit back while the content comes to them as it is updated.

What are RSS Readers?

RSS feeds (updated RSS content) can be viewed in an RSS Reader. Wikipedia lists a number of RSS readers, or aggregators, including some that already exist in software which many are familiar with.  Google Reader and Bloglines are two popular feed readers, while web browsers such as Safari and Internet Explorer also offer RSS reading abilities.

How Can You Know Which Pages Offer an RSS Feed?

Most RSS feeds have a little orange symbol that looks like a variation of this:  . By clicking on this symbol you are able to subscribe to that RSS feed and receive updates through your RSS reader.

What do we Offer as RSS?

Our homepage news is available as an RSS feed, and your feed will be updated every time a new piece of news is added to the homepage.  Our adult and children's calendar also offer RSS feeds which will be updated when new items are added to the calendar.  Other databases that the library subscribes to also offer content updates through an RSS feed.

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