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Use of Library Meeting Rooms and Equipment: Hammond Meeting Room

The Glencoe Public Library has two meeting rooms available for use during regular hours of operation: the Hammond Meeting Room on the mezzanine is the larger meeting room; the Hamil Conference Room on the lower level is for use by small groups. There is no rental fee assessed for use of these rooms, however they must be reserved in advance. Upon the submission of a written application by a Glencoe resident, permission may be granted for use of the Hammond Room, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Community groups or organizations which render a direct service to the residents of Glencoe may use the Hammond Room without charge on a first-come, reserved basis for meetings of an educational, civic, cultural, or literary nature.
  2. The meeting room is not available for commercial use, including tutoring sessions or non-Library sponsored seminars, workshops and lectures presented by members of private, for-profit law firms, financial advisors, real-estate agencies, or health care providers. The meeting room may not be used for client meetings or for non-Library sponsored music or dance recitals.
  3. The Hammond Room is not available for social gatherings, private events or fund-raising activities. All meetings must be open to the public.
  4. Groups using the meeting room facilities may not charge any admission fee, except that community groups and service organizations may charge their customary dues associated with meeting attendance or other nominal fees designed to cover costs of supplies and materials required for participation in the sponsored program.
  5. Any individual or group using the Hammond Room shall be responsible for ensuring full access to the program or event for any disabled persons requiring special assistance. In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, the library can make available a personal sound amplifier. This listening device for the hearing impaired is available upon request at the checkout desk.
  6. All Village ordinances and Library regulations must be strictly observed. Meetings that may interfere with or disrupt normal library activities because of noise, disturbance, prospective attendance in excess of room capacity, or other factors will not be permitted. If there is any question regarding security, the Glencoe Public Safety Department will be consulted.
  7. The responsibility for observing all Library regulations and paying for any damages which may occur is assumed by the person who signs the application for use of the Hammond Room.
  8. Light refreshments may be served, but alcoholic beverages are prohibited. The organization must provide its own plates, cups, trays, utensils, and other supplies. The library does not provide coffee pots, hot plates, or other food-related equipment. Groups using the facilities shall clean up afterwards and leave the facilities in reasonably good order.
  9. Meetings may start no sooner than one half hour after the Library opens and must end no later than 15 minutes before the Library closes. Example: If the Library is closing that night at 9:00 pm, the meeting must conclude and the attendees clear the room when the closing announcement is made at 8:45 pm.
  10. The Library Board reserves the right to cancel permission to use the Hammond room at anytime there is non-compliance with the Library's policies.
  11. The Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, materials or any personal possessions owned by those sponsoring or attending the meeting or program.
  12. Any individual or group using the Hammond Room shall indemnify and hold harmless the Glencoe Public Library and its Board of Trustees and the Village of Glencoe and its officials for any and all liability which may arise from the use of the premises.
  13. By granting permission to an individual or group to use the Hammond Room facilities, no inference can be made that the Library subscribes to or endorses the views or opinions of such individual or group.
  14. The Library can provide large-screen video projection, an overhead projector and a slide projector if the organization so requests at the time of application. Any user of Library equipment is expected to be proficient and agrees to be responsible for loss or damage and to reimburse the Library for any expense incurred through misuse if loss or damage result. Library staff members are not available to provide training or assistance at the time of program presentations.
  15. The library will make every attempt to arrange the room furnishings according to the information on the application. However, we cannot guarantee special set-ups on Saturdays or Sundays when custodial staff is not available. All furnishings must remain in the Hammond Room. The meeting room dimensions are 24 ft. x 28f t. Maximum capacity in the meeting room is 41 chairs. If tables are used, the seating capacity is decreased proportionately.
  16. Requests for use of the meeting room facilities must be submitted in writing at the Circulation Desk and filed with the Head of the Circulation Department 48 hours in advance of the date and time requested. The application may be downloaded from the library website for completion and then emailed to for approval and scheduling.
    1. Applications are considered on a first-come basis and reservations will not be accepted beyond a period of three months.
    2. Due to the number of requests for use of the Hammond Room, reservations are limited to one meeting per month for any organization or its subgroups.
    3. Library operations and programs have priority in meeting room scheduling. On rare occasions, it may be necessary for the library to reschedule a group’s use of the room on a date that is in conflict with a library event. Every effort will be made to assist in locating a different venue, if necessary.
  17. Any individual or group using the Hammond room must acknowledge the above policies by signing the following application.
  18. For additional information on use of the Hammond Room or to check availability, please contact Danny Burdett at (847)835-5056, or
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